A Thousand Dirty Planets

The Case Of The Missing Executive

Whilst resting on space station Anaitis-17, the team were offered a new contract to find a missing person, Mar Gravely.

The team made contact with Bazuhl, a Durugh who was representing the Loghos Corporation. Bazuhl explained that Mar Gravely (Human male), a senior executive and shareholder of the Corporation, had taken holiday to travel to the well-known pleasure-planet Andarta. During his stay he had become un-contactable and the Corporation were concerned about his safety.

Gravely was expected to take part in a number of holoconferences with Loghos Corporation staff during this time: he attended two, but missed the rest. The Corporation contacted the hotel when Gravely missed the first holoconference. The hotel staff told them that Gravely had not returned to the hotel during the previous three days. However, they considered such absences to be common. The corporation contacted the Andarta police, but they said there was no evidence of criminal activity, and they could not investigate further at this time. Loghos doesn’t want to wait that long, and Bazuhl told the team the Corporation had lost faith in the Andarta police and decided to hire Lasers to investigate. They fear that Gravely may have been killed or kidnapped.

Bazuhl transmitted a data packet to the team, containing a very detailed Laser contract and some basic information on Gravely’s travel arrangements. Digging into this information, the team discover that he travelled business class on a middle-tier spaceline, was staying at the Alachir Hotel in Joy City (capital city of Andarta), and that the travel insurance document covered both Gravely and one Jezhabur (Durugh male), another Loghos Corporation employee who appears to have travelled to Andarta at the same time.

The team travelled to Andarta, and landed their shuttle at the Joy City Spaceport. They learned that Andartans felt that the influx of refugees from the Mohilar War had charged Andarta irrevocably, but there was no agreement on how they could be better integrated or whether it would be better to resettle them elsewhere. They also learned of two religious organisations operating on Andarta. The Church of Regenerative Carnality (CRC) is the most prominent religion promoting the old Andartan belief in the healing power of sex. Andartans are divided as to whether they are really as good as the sexual healing cults used to be before the war, or whether they have watered down their practices. The other organisation are the Restreamers, one the stranger of the “nufaiths” that have sprung up since the Mohilar War. Restreamers seem to believe that the version of the universe we inhabit is fundamentally sinful, and that if enough pure believers join them, then reality will “jump” into an alternate timestream that is free from sin.

Whilst the team is in the spaceport, a group of CRC members approach any wealthy-looking individuals, give them a pamphlet explaining their beliefs, and inviting them to visit the CRC compound in Joy City. This group is targetted by a group of Restreamers who try to disrupt their activities. A fight breaks out, but Takip steps in and breaks it up before anyone gets hurt. Spaceport security arrive to escort both CRC and Restreamer followers out of the building.

Ares-3 Wrap Up

The team travelled to the devastated planet Ares 3 to investigate a distress signal from a Combine research station. On arrival they found all inhabitants of the research station had been killed. Investigation revealed that the deaths had been caused by a computer system in a ruined museum, which had been affected by an Ashen Stars event and which had altered the brains of several victims to make them re-create historical battle events. The team managed to shut down the computer system, and reverse the brain damage of two illegal scavengers on the planet.

The team also successfully delivered cargo to Ares 3.

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