Ares 3 Delivery


One the behalf of ‘Gus Smith’ transport several crates to Ares 3. The cargo is to be delivered to Tom Kreesh in his bar, in the main scavenger settlement near the ruined city of Khalopolis.

Mission Log

Gus Smith at first wanted to keep the contents of his crate a secret. After some haggling on the price he agreed to reveal the contents. Tools, food and weapons, all necessities for a colony in the bleed. The crew satisfied transported the goods to Ares 3 but hit a snag when, due to rough turbulence, there shuttle crash landed. The shuttle could not take off without some new parts.

When the team visited the scavenger settlement, Tom Kreesh put them in touch with Wrenchborn, a cybe who he said could provide the parts. Wrenchborn manufactured the parts he didn’t already have, and the crew successfully repaired the shuttle. Following the successful conclusion of their main mission on Ares 3, they then delivered the cargo to Kreesh, and were paid the agreed 6 bCr.

Ares 3 Delivery

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