Dr. Moffat Woolfe

Medic, Weapons Officer (warpside), Cultural Officer (groundside)



Member of the Tarthek species, and the only one to have left their home planet. The Tarthek are technophobes, and have a strong cultural belief that “only the fittest deserve to survive”. Moffat was born with a non-functioning left arm, and was thus abandoned by his tribe as “unfit”. Combine field researchers, who were studying the Tarthek at the time, rescued him. One of the senior researchers, Professor Jospeph Woolfe, took him into his own family and brought him up in Human society. When he was old enough, he was fitted with a fully-functioning prosthetic arm. However, tradgedy stuck several years later when a criminal gang attacked Prof. Woolfe’s research station. All the Human personnel were killed, only Moffat managed to escape.

Although devastated by the loss of his family, Moffat continued his studies, and qualified as a Medical Doctor. The Mohilar War was still going on, and Moffat signed on as a field medic with the Combine Infantry.




Get revenge for the death of his foster-father, Prof. Joseph Woolfe.


  1. Moffat sees someone with the distinctive tattoo the gang members had in a crowded space station. He attempts to track them down.
  2. Moffat discovers that the gang were searching for research on a super-weapon with the codename “Tarthek”.
  3. Confront the gang boss:
    Boss: “I need to find Tarthek!”
    Moffat: “I AM THE TARTHEK!”

Dr. Moffat Woolfe

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