Hubbard Cooke

Pilot, Strategic Coordinator (warpside), Operations, Tech Officer (groundside)


Investigative Abilities

Academic Rating Boost
Forensic Accounting 2
History, Combine 2
History, Human 2 Y
Law 2
Interpersonal Rating Boost
Bureaucracy 2
Negotiation 2 Y
Reassurance 2 Y
Technical Rating Boost
Astronomy 1
Bio Signatures 1
Data Retrieval 1
Explosive Devices 2
Forensic Engineering 2
Holo Surveillence 2
Imaging 2
Industrial Design 2

General Abilities

Ability Rating
Athletics 4
Battle Console 1
Business Affairs 4
Filch 1
Ground Craft 2
Health 10
Helm Control 6
Infiltration 4
Medic 1
Naval Tactics 6
Preparedness 4
Public Relations 4


In the good old days of the Combine, Hubbard Cooke worked as the pilot of a small trading ship. Cooke’s home planet was one of the first to be attacked by the Mohilar after the war started. Its planetary defences were quickly overwhelmed, and the planet was devastated. Cooke and his crew used their ship to evacuate as many people as they could, but Cooke’s wife and family were killed in the attack. Ship and crew were then drafted into the Combine Navy, taking supplies to the frontline and bringing wounded survivors back to safe planets. Before the war, Cooke’s life revolved around his family. During the war it revolved around his duties in the Navy. Now the war is over, it is becoming obvious that Cooke doesn’t really know what to do with his life.




Come to terms with the death of his wife.


  1. Cooke finds out who was responsible for the destruction of his home planet (was it due to a mistake by the defence forces, a decision to sacrifice the planet for the greater good of the Combine, or some other reason?)
  2. Cooke encounters a sympathetic woman who can empathise with his loss.
  3. Cooke is forced to return to the ruins of his planet and face whatever is left there.

Hubbard Cooke

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