Andarta Missing person


The team are contracted by the Loghos Corporation to find Mar Gravely (Human male), a senior executive and shareholder of the Corporation, who has apparently gone missing during a holiday on the pleasure-planet Andarta. They are briefed by a Durugh called Buzuhl. The team are to locate Gravely’s location and report on his status. If he is alive and not kidnapped he should be returned to a location where he can contact the Corporation. If he is dead, the team must provide proof of his death. If he has been kidnapped, the team should attempt to locate his whereabouts, and discover the identity of his kidnappers. If the kidnappers are common criminals, the Corporation expects that the team should be capable of rescuing Gravely, and will reward such with a standard bonus. If the kidnappers are a paramilitary or military force, the team should avoid conflict and supply as much information as possible to the Corporation.

Mission Log

Spaceport Main Concourse
  • Moffat Woolfe fails medical test. Opportunity to pick up local gossip.
  • Meet the Church of Regenerative Carnality.
  • Restreamers appear, fight breaks out, Takip breaks it up.
  • Questioning the uncooperative Restreamer leader, arrest, contact Andarta police.
  • Sex in the spaceport.
  • See the arriving refugees being processed, Moffat Woolfe spots a refugee with a tattoo that disturbs him.
  • Andarta police precinct. Meeting with Victoria Fritz.
The Alachir Hotel
  • See the manager, Tal Barner. Find out Victoria Fritz is having their activities monitored.
  • Search hotel records.
  • Listen to Graveley’s messages.
  • Visit the holoconference suite. Establish that Jezhabur was spying on Graveley.
  • Search Graveley’s room.
  • Phasing evidence in the minibar.

Andarta Missing person

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